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MACSBOOST is a huge performance increase you can FEEL!  Below are just a few of our happy Customers.

Here I am, the lucky sole with MacsBoost Module #1 ... And it arrived just in time for the weekend. Can you say Sa-WEET!  I got a full day in yesterday of fun and testing with this thing and I just can't get the grin to go away!  
First thing... Installing it. Oh My Gawd, can it be any easier?? Put a piece of velcro down on the air intake runner, pop off the plug to the sensor, and plug in the three clearly labeled wires on either side and your done!! Put your lanyard on and watch for that pretty blue led to light. No problemo! I was installing and removing it all day long to swap between the F and the R. There's no need to beach them, just pull the seat and one minute later it's done. 
And, what does it get you?? Arm wrenching acceleration! I've long been used to the way our turbo craft accelerate. It no longer really excites me to pin the throttle from a standstill just because I do it all day long during my races. But, with this module on, my heart skips a beat with how much more pull I get from this thing! Not to mention, the engine has a little more growl to it.  
To put it in more tangible terms... Runs without the module I was running about 6150 to 6200 rpms, and with the module I'm running 6380 to 6400 rpms. Doing Side by side runs between my R-12X and F-12X, both without the module, they are dead even. (Sponsons, grate, prop pitch all account for my R going slower) But with the module, the R pulls away from the F from the start and keeps walking away. No contest! I gained a solid MPH from it. GPS confirmed. Before I was getting 57.9 and After I saw 58.9. 
BTW, this was a 100 degree day with at least 75 degree water temp. 
The one important thing to note... Good fuel is a MUST! Especially on a hot day like yesterday. The stock ECU's safeguards are in full force, and if it detects any knock what so ever from old or lower octane fuel, it can and DOES cut you back to protect your engine. I hit it a few times on the F, who's fuel isn't as fresh as the R's. It just cuts you back a few hundred RPM's until you pull the lanyard and let the display shutdown. Then you're all good again. 
Overall All I've got to say is... Way to go MAC! You've got a winner product here. Simple, easy, and very effective! I'm sold, and will be getting another for the F-12X. 
Get one or get passed.  
P.S. It'll be ran in RACE conditions next weekend. Expect a report afterwards. 
Robert Stellhorn
Stellhorn Racing
Ok... It's another hot one. 104 in Modesto. And this time I'm out on the delta. On my way out, I stopped by monkey's which carries VP 110 fuel. Put 5 gallons into the R to bring the meter up to full, but had some room left in tank. Went out to Mossdale's Landing and put in. I headed all the way down to the main channel and then down past Windmill Cove and Lost Isle, finally ending up at Herman & Hellen's Marina. After munching on a drumstick, I turned around and came strait back... only distractraction was a quick tow of a sunken sea-doo over to their ramp.  .... Fuel alarm went off a few miles from the home dock, so it was a full tank run. 
And, it ran PERFECT! Going down river (river moves about 1.3mph) I hit a max of 62.5 at 6400 rpm's... And, it stayed that way for a while then dropped down to about 6300 rpm's for the rest of that and every other extended WOT run. It'll go all day right there... and I know this because most of my trip was run at WOT. 
That's it. The gas solved it! The computer never detected any knocks and never backed me off. Yay!!! Thanks, Mac! I love this thing. Just for kicks, I pulled it out at the last 5mph zone just about a mile or two from the dock. And, without a doubt, I lost 200 rpm's just like that. Even on a Hot, heat soaked engine, it still works. Where I was getting 6020 rpm's without, I had just previously been getting 6250-6300 with the MacsBoost. It just works! 
Sa-Weet! Can't wait untill Friday to put a whoopin' on all of those Yamaha's, Kawi's and Sea-Doo's. 
Robert Stellhorn 
Stellhorn Racing
I just installed my module on my F12X, and took it for a spin. 
I couldn't believe it. 
WOW....Feels like the Honda is on 'roids !!!  
Now that's what i'm talkin' about...performance you could actually feel. 
Mac has designed a great product you guys. It makes the Aquatrax come alive. I mean as soon as you squeeze the throttle, you hit 60 like in 2 secs. Instant throttle response. I raced another F12X, and blew it away. 
Excellent product. Easy installation ( 1 min.). Amazing performance.!!! 
What more could someone ask for ?  
Thanks Mac. 
You deserve the "Best Mod of the Year Award", no doubt about that. 
I took my ski out yesterday and raced my buddy on his RXT, before MACSBOOST he would walk away after 50 mph. Now he isn't going anywhere, we raced back and forth across the river same results everytime, he still could pull about half a boat length on the hole shot, but after that we stayed side by side. The only way one would pull on the other is if you got crossed up on the chop. Mac again Great product.
Well rather than just post it's awesome and go buy one, I'll tell my experience after a full weekend of riding. 
So first, the module installs literally in 5 minutes. I'd like to see some weather tight connectors instead of pins, but the wiring is waterproofed, so I do not see a long term problem, should be just fine. 
Conditions: I was at the Colorado river in Blythe CA, on Saturday it was ~ 105, and the water was ~90-93 degrees. As I can only get 91 octane here in CA, I put in 5 gallons of 103 octane unleaded and then topped off with 91. I think this gives me around 94ish octane. 
I had my daughter as a passenger all weekend, and my boat is an 02 F-12X with a custom pitched Solas impeller, and 3 intake grate bars removed. 
So on the first ride, I rode kinda easy for 10 minutes or so to warm it up, then hit it from around 20 mph. Much improved midrange to top end charge, 30-50 seems to take around 1 second. You can certainly feel the extra 2+ lbs of boost, the arm stretch you normally get seems to be almost 2x. 
Out of the hole, my boat with stock boost has very little cavitation, but it now leaps out of the water much harder causing a little cavitation. The boat is definately quicker out of the hole now. 
So now it was GPS time (Garmin Rino 120), and my boat stock on this same water earlier this year did 59.8 mph. The water was also MUCH cooler when it did 59.8. 
My best peak one way run was 62.5, but the averages were around 61.7 both ways. 
Realistically, I could care less if it went the same top speed, MACSBOOST is about the midrange for me. The midrange is killer now. At any time off boost, when I hit it I get about 6430 rpm's for a few seconds, then it settles to around 6360-6400 for as long as you keep it pinned. 
Sunday: I had to add over 3/4 of a tank of gas, and it was 91 octane. Sunday is hotter and more humid. Probably 110+ degrees. So now I figure I have around 91.x octane. 
I take off and it feels exactly the same, except if I keep it pinned for more than 20-30 seconds, the boat reduces boost and I get around 5800-5900 rpms. You must stop and remove the lanyard, then wait for the display to go out, then start back up and your full speed again. I got to the point where I could blast and then know when to let off for a while to keep from having the ECM reduce boost. 
Fatalities: 15F Kawasaki.  One point I had 3 up (equal to about 2 adults), and had a 15F ride up to the side of me (he was just himself), he looked over and we hit it at about 30 mph. I didn't blow by him by much, but he did get to see my tow ring. The midrange hit pushed me a boat or 2 in front, then my top speed was a mph or so higher, and I kept pulling away from him. There were a ton of Turbo Hondas on the river, and he picked the wrong one to mess with. 
My observations:  MACSBOOST retains the ECM's ability to reduce boost after the intercooler is heat soaked, the manual boost controller does not. This is easy to install, lift the seat only once, never ever hear an overboost alarm, no tweaking, no riding w/o your seat trying to look at gauges. Works the same from one day to the next which is sometimes an issue with manual boost controllers. 
I suspect that cooler temperatures, both air and water will allow 91 octane to work properly at max power, but I haven't got a chance to try this yet. Sundays gas was really close to working, but was a point or 2 off. Ocean is next weekend, and it's 70 degree water temps, and 80 air. The stock intercooler does totally suck though. I think there are good gains to be had there with the added boost. 
Conclusion: MACSBOOST will not allow you to hurt your motor by either too much boost, or too high temperatures. As the module uses 5 volts that the ECM was sending to the sensor to power itself (my guess), there is nothing electrical that the module could possibly do that could hurt the ECM other than dead shorting. I suspect the ECM is protected against that anyway, as sensors can short. So I see no electrical risk to the stock electronics, there was flawless operation over many gallons of gas over the weekend. 
I think MAC hit a homerun with MACSBOOST. 
This gives a great boost to the stock ski, and keeps all the stock protection in place. Bada$$ midrange hit, makes you want to slow back down so you can feel it over and over again. It's not the kind of add on you have to try and see if it made a difference, you'll feel it! Plug in and forget, no hassle. 
So is it a keeper? 
Well, the sticker is going on the boat tomorrow (after I wash it). 
Thx MAC!
-------------------Update 8-7-05--------------
Went out today in Mission Bay, San Diego CA. Was a total zoo, mega chop. 
Temp was a nice 80, and the water was mid 70's, a nice contrast to last weekends furnace weather. 
Ran 91 octane, had a can of octane boost standing by if needed. Was not needed! 
I ran all day long, never had a single boost reduction due to heat like last weekend, and did not need the octane boost either. 
I had posted a while back that I have a friend with the 185 hp Seadoo (G-Tec or something like that). He would pull me outta the hole, and keep pulling until we let up. He, he, well today the story is different. I can get him out of the hole pretty good (Leaning over the handlebars on the holeshot like last time because the water was so rough) and then I just keep pulling him forever. I was totally surprised, and so was he. We did it several times with the same results. I can easily beat the other stock Hondas in our group too. The only one I can't beat in our group is a brand new RXT, but it's pretty close. Just another pound or so of boost and it'd be even. 
I now regularly get over 6400 on the holeshot, and I get close to 6400 when WOT, forever! It is definatley faster than it was in the hot temps by far. I was caught off guard a few times when getting into the throttle, the boost took me by surprise. 
This kicks #$@%! 
I just got my mac's boost on 8-12-05 and very easy to install. I hit the water and it's SWEEEEEEET. Mac great job it's everything you said and you shipped in less then two weeks. Thanks and again great job. 
I purchased the module from Mac and absolutely love it. As many have already reviewed the product I will keep this short. Like mentioned before the mid range pull is outstanding. Out of the hole...when I finally hook up...the boat is definately quicker no doubt. I haven't had a chance to run against a stock R12X so I have no direct side by side comparison...but of course you can tell that it is much quicker accelerating. Top others have mentioned is better by about 2 mph until the boost is reduced which happens for me approx after running WOT for 45 sec - 1 minute. I will try adding a little race fuel and see what happens. Currently I am running either Chevron or Shell 93. If anybody is holding out buying this...dont! Mac has an awesome product and it is DEFINATELY worth it. 
I recieved mine on friday and installed it in less than five mintues. Great and easy directions mac. This aftermarket part is unbelievable. The hole shot, midrange and top end is like night and day. This ski is a little scary now. My rpms before mac used to read around 6,150. Now its about 6,420. The weather was very hot when tested, 95 degrees and humid and the water was around 83 degrees. I did not notice any real rpm drops at full throttle. I have been using 93 octane for three years now. The investment is well worth it. It about time someone made and aftermarket product for such a great ski.
First off I have to give SuperMac lots of props. The module does exactly what he advertises. No false claims. excellent acceleration and about 1 mph increase in top end. First off, my GPS numbers are a little low. I live in New York and this year has been one of the hottest. 98 degrees this Sunday and about 75 percent humidity. Water temp in the high 80's. Running stock prop and no McBoost I would run about 61.9. With McBoost I ran 63.2. I've gotten 63.2 stock but the heat has been brutal in the northeast. RPM where right around 6200-6300 You endurance guys are going to love it. The mid-range is fantastic. It regains top speed quick after the pump breaks in the chop. You will have to run good fuel. I noticed the first time I ran with 91 octane the knock sensor reduced the RPM from 6350 to 5990. I had a 5 gallon can of KLOTZ High Octane additive. It helped maintain 6300+ RPM. The performance gains are definitely worth the money although it's hard to pay that much for a little circuit board. Then again I've spent over $600 on carbs manifold and reeds for similar gains on my old 2 stroker. McBoost is an easier installation. Good work SuperMac ;) 
I recieved mine on friday and installed it in less than five mintues. Great and easy directions mac. This aftermarket part is unbelievable. The hole shot, midrange and top end is like night and day. This ski is a little scary now. My rpms before mac used to read around 6,150. Now its about 6,420. The weather was very hot when tested, 95 degrees and humid and the water was around 83 degrees. I did not notice any real rpm drops at full throttle. I have been using 93 octane for three years now. The investment is well worth it. It about time someone made and aftermarket product for such a great ski.
These things are exactly as you advertise. Unfortunately, none of my fellow Honda riders came out and played with me this weekend.
6,300-6,350 rpms was steady throughout the day on Sat. No problems.
Noticable midrange hit. Good job Mac. Simple, easy install. 20+ HP increase in a 2 min. install.  
Honda Nut
R12-x 1 Gp1300r 0 
Well took her out today..the guy talking the **** with the yamaha met me out there we went from a 20 roll on and it was dead nuts till about 60ish and I pulled on it pretty sure none of you care but I was pretty damn happy to see the yamaha go down...
on that note i installed the MACSBOOST module this morning as well and wowzers there is no more waiting for boost and I definitely had the "going down a roller coaster" feeling my chest felt like it was being pushed inwards...Mac you got a badass thing going on and I cant wait for any future products!! 
...and the MACSBOOST module is freakin sweet, no more lag, and a gut wrenching feeling when you get to about 30mph+..i like to ride standing up due to not wanting to beat the boys to death, and when I got into it after warming it up I thought I was gonna get sucked off the i said its a badass thing and I cant wait for him to either improve or come out with something new as it seems like he puts pride into what hes doing..once again thanks Mac!!
Brian 2006 R12X
Thanks Mac. just got back from trying out my newly installed MB#30 can you say oooooh weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! what a difference!! that puppy actually does a wheely out of the water! and low to mid range OH MY DIZNICKKKK. whit a capital "D". if any one is debating to buy one of these, its a no brainer. compared to other mods and their cost. this beat them hands down. once again thx SM................sg777
As 4Fun mentioned, there was a ride on the St John's this weekend to Silver Glenn. I have a MACSBOOST installed and I can say I definitely was able to run close to the RXP's on this trip. They of coursed slowly pulled away, but I was right there for a long time running with them to see how fast they pulled away, and with MacsBoost installed it was a lot longer this time.
Thanks Mac for a great product for the Honda PWC's.
See, you guys have gotten it all wrong, the the chip is a placebo. What Mac developed was a real high tech sticker that makes you go faster, so there are no real number it's "MAGIC". Bottom line is it works and Mac continues to improve his prouct line to help out us Honda guys, Thanks Mac!!!!!!!
I just took out my F12X with the MACSBOOST chip, performance with a chip? Damn right!!!! along with the solas prop ski is better than I thought it would be. Thanks Mac I'm now waiting for the IC
I went to the lake this morning to test out my macsboost and armed myself with my friends gps. Weather was calm and the lake was glass. I first ran stock (with modified ride plate) to get a reading. Average gps speed was 61.8 mph. I then put macsboost in. It makes the R cavitate worse than the F. I rode for a while before doing any testing. The ski was definatly faster and really walked the f badly. I was amazed. There were a couple of other hondas out there (both r-12x), so I raced them. There was no contest I walked them almost as bad as the f. So I finally decide to do a gps on my now heat soaked ski. After several runs in every direction my average speed was 64.1 miles an hour btw all runs were with 93 octane. This module combined with macs exceptional customer service made this a very worth while purchase. I am sorry I ever doubhted. I WAS WRONG!!! I only purchased the module, but I must tell anyone who is going to purchase this you should really same some money and buy the impeller at the same time. You will regret it if you don't.
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